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I grew up watching war movies.  The Longest Day (should have been called the Longest Movie),  PT 109,  All Quiet on the Western Front, and then there were the Vietnam war classics, Apocalypse Now, The Deer Hunter, and so many …Read More

And now the inside story about my trip to New Zealand (aka Middle Earth) can be told.  I actually went down there to hire a couple of under cover Hobbits.  Of course Hobbits are so small they can easily go …Read More

The course of young love is ever treacherous.  There are break ups and make ups, and all too often when young people say they are in love, in actuality what they really are is ‘in heat’, and its not the …Read More

I was hanging out in the airport in Sydney Down Under, waiting for the flight to Auckland, and browsing through the airport bookstore,  when I found the novels of C.J. Sansom, a man after my own heart.  He has a …Read More

Michael Bird has posted on his blog three different views on the issue of for whom Christ died, including my take on the matter.    Here is the link, so see what you think.  BW3

It was a hot August day in 1969, and I was in New Hampshire with my MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) group.  We had flown to New York and among the many things we did there, we went to a concert …Read More

One of my great joys in ministry is getting to work with younger talented Christians whom God has done a mighty work in, and who are serving God in powerful ways. One such person is Thomas Dickerson, ably assisted by …Read More

Below you will find an excerpt from the second of my two large volumes studying the whole of  NT Theology and Ethics.  The first volume entitle ‘The Indelible Image: The Individual Witnesses’  will be out next month at some point …Read More

The black-backed gull above surveys land and sea.  We can only imagine how he perceives the islands of New Zealand.  When you get to Middle Earth (aka New Zealand) there are things you expect to see, thanks to reading the …Read More

Flowers and animals add a lot to a film like the Narnia tales or LOTR and Peter Jackson had lots of critters and plants to choose from. Three stars to whoever can first identify the following flowering plant. This is …Read More