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Tom and Maggie Wright in front of Bishop Auckland Palace, the episcopal residence. Bishop Tom Wright is not a shy retiring sort. I have watched him meticulously dissect and vivisect one of Dominic Crossan’s works in an SBL session.  Reacting …Read More

First let me clarify something. When I say ‘jazz CDs’ I am not referring to the jazz inflected pop played on most ‘smooth jazz’ stations. I have no problems with that sort of music, but its much closer to pop …Read More

My small book of poetry, largely written this year whilst on sabbatical in Vermont has been nominated for a national book award! Each year the Conference on Christianity and Literature (CCL) offers a Book-of-the-Year Citation to the author and publisher …Read More

Another of my favorite prophets is Hosea, both for the tragic story of the prophet’s life, and the message of mercy that Hosea shares. See what you think of James Howell’s reflections on this book of the Bible. BW3

Here’s James Howell’s reflections on Jonah. I am less skeptical than he is that the story has historical substance, but he may be right that it is a parable about a historical person. What is clear is that Jonah was …Read More

In a summer of miserable and unwatchable movies (there have been some exceptions, Ice Age is o.k. and fun, and Star Trek the Restart was good) The Harry Potter Saga as movie series continues, after about a two year hiatus, …Read More

Amos is certainly one of my personal favorite prophets and here is a helpful synopsis of what his prophecy is all about from Dr. James Howell.

Dr. James Howell, senior minister at Myers Park UMC in Charlotte N.C. has some excellent teaching on the prophets which is on UTube. I will be sharing some of it with you here in the next several weeks. See what …Read More

John Calvin’s birthday deserves to be celebrated, not least because he was one of the truly great Christian exegetes and indeed systematic theologians of all time. Never mind that I disagree with a great deal of what he has to …Read More