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It’s Lent and time to think about the things we should be repenting of. Of course too often we think in the narrow terms of sins with a capital S that we ought to abstain from, but in this post …Read More

Nelson Rangell is without question one of the most talented of all the so-called smooth jazz reed players, in addition to which he is a world-class flute and piccolo player as well. His sax playing is straight out of the …Read More

There are not a lot of books I find stimulating enough to deserve the ‘full roll out’ review and dialogue with, but Andy Crouch’s new book Culture-Making is one of them. I am currently working on a little book in …Read More

Sometimes art just takes you into a whole different world, in this case Tolkien’s world of gnomes and elves etc. recreated where they filmed the Lord of the Rings– New Zealand. Check out the following link Escultord…PPS The full label …Read More

It is both true and fair to say that Constantine changed the world when he legalized Christianity, and allowed it to thrive. By the end of the 4th century A.D. when Theodosius was the Emperor (and in fact the last …Read More

The real progenitors of a whole genre of rock music called symphonic rock were the Moody Blues. After an early hit in the mid-60s (‘Go Now’) they hit their stride when Justin Heyward became their lead singer answering a want …Read More

Clearly the eschaton is at hand! The lion is lying down with the lamb and not thinking about lamb chops, or better said the Russian bear is lying down with the Finnish reindeer and not thinking of Christmas dinner! Kudos …Read More

Tom Wright working away in Bishop Auckland Palace Here below (see the link) is an interesting but all too brief interview of Tom Wright as he talks about his forthcoming book on “Justification” (apparently out in May by IVP on …Read More

You will enjoy this interview (find the link below) with President elect Tennent. One of the most interesting things about his background is that he is indeed a descendant of the famous Tennents William and Gilbert who were among the …Read More

I have just come from a movie which I did not expect to move me the way this film did, and it has not one but two Oscar worthy performances by Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes. This is a dense …Read More