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The picture at the top is the famous portrait of Daniel Boone at the end of his life in Missouri painted by Chester Harding from Boston in 1819. The second picture is the famous one of Boone leading men through […]

So as I have been saying its just me and the big dogs and a cat up here on top of the Green mountain above Grafton. It should make for a truly interesting Super Bowl Party– “So what did you […]

Growing up my favorite magazine, other than sports was The Saturday Evening Post, for one reason. The amazing paintings and drawing of a true New England original— Norman Rockell (1911-78). For decades Rockwell drew the covers for this magazine, and […]

Two recent books have begun to cause a lot of stir in the guild of Biblical studies, one as an attempt to suggest a change in direction in seminary curriculum, the other more of an apologia for the nature and […]

The thing about love, if it is the genuine article and not some pale imitation of it, is that when one is in love one becomes profoundly humbled by the whole experience. One’s defects, which previously one had ignored or […]

There is snow, and then there is serious snow. I’m talkin’ blizzard here (and not the kind available at Dairy Queen). Thank God for 4 wheel drive trucks is all I can say or else I would never have gotten […]

THE PRIORY The icicles hung on the eaves outsideBut the adams were gone on retreatThe caretaker said ‘only God is insideAnd there’s nothing here you can eat’. The chapel was silent, oppressively stillThe cross hung above the enclosureHard benches on […]

SERENITY(at the Revolutionary War Cemetery) The calm after the storm,The clarity after reflectionThe acceptance of unchangeable thingsLike winter followed by spring. Peace, in the face of warSatisfaction, without moreThe acceptance of frustrating thingsHard hearts, heads, truths. Of this demanding demeanorFrancis […]

O.K. so what do you do when its below 0 and you have cabin fever? Well, you get in the truck and head to other warm buildings where there is food and company. I did this twice in the last […]

Yep that’s an alpaca, as in alpaca sweater. There’s an alpaca farmer here in Grafton, and Lord knows you need sweaters around here. I guess for the alpaca there isn’t much difference between being in the mountains of Chile, or […]