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PAGAN CHRISTIANTY: by George Barna and Frank Viola PART ONE OF THE REVIEW First a word of disclaimer. I know Frank Viola, indeed for some years he has asked me loads of good and telling questions via email. I did …Read More

First I have a confession. I am a sucker for anything Pixar does. It’s almost gotten to the point where I feel like they can do little wrong. I’d go watch their version of a chewing tobacco or mortuary commercial. …Read More

My friend and colleague Bishop Wright has boldly gone where angels fear to tred— onto the Comedy Central Show– The Stephen Colbert Report— You’ll enjoy this one, and notice the reaction of the crowd. or try this— + June …Read More

Here below you will find advance notice about our upcoming tour in May of 2009. Let me tell you now this tour is top drawer. You get two good meals a day, good hotels, airfare is included as are entrance …Read More

You can read the 200 plus page full report of an extensive religious survey taken last year by the Pew Charitable Trust at the Pew Forum website, which can be found here— Below is their own summary of findings …Read More

We are a text driven culture. We are preoccupied with things like copyright infringement, and used to looking at computer screens. And so it is natural to assume, when one is part of a largely literate culture that ancient texts …Read More

Grave steles, sarcophagi, and grave art teach us a great deal about what ancient peoples believed about the afterlife. In cultures where the spirits of the ancestors (called genius (singular, and genii plural– from which we get the word genie) …Read More

Museums are fascinating places for those who love history, and know what they are looking at! This post begins our tour of statuary, grave art, and stone inscriptions of relevance to NT studies which are found in the Istanbul Archaeological …Read More

There is a special exhibit at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum on the Temple and cult of Artemis in Ephesos (Ephesus), or the Artemsion. You will see a scale model on the left here of this temple and its precincts, which …Read More

I must confess a guilty please. I used to enjoy the old Get Smart TV spy spoof. I even like the cartoon remake called ‘Inspector Gadget’ which I watched with my children. I was hoping for some more low camp …Read More