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Denzel Washington has only put his hand to directing two movies– the story of Antwon Fisher, and now The Great Debaters. This one differs from the previous effort in that Washington is also playing a very major role in this …Read More

It is not often that one has both an all star script writer (in this case Aaron Sorkin of ‘West Wing’ fame), and an all star cast (Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Phillip Seymour Hoffman) in a sort of harmonic convergence …Read More

Last seen: On CBS 48 Hours Mystery Christmas night 2007 Nicknames– Gentle Ben aka. Gentile Ben Known Associates: Those Wesleyan types– also fond of Pentecostals, Mennonites, Amish, and other pacifistic sorts Known to have Friendly Arguments with: Dispensationalists, Calvinists, Liberals, …Read More

Over at they apparently do cloning, mind-melding and other such difficult tasks. Their latest efforts have produced that formidable tandem Bell Witherington, see picture included here. Since I do wear glasses the least they could have done is give …Read More

Several of you have asked for my Christmas poems– here are several of the ones most requested. THE BONDING A cold and listless season, And full of cheerless cheer, When hopes are raised and dashed again And joy dissolves in …Read More

One of the major and glorious choral sections in Handel’s ‘Messiah’ has the choir singing over and over about ‘the glory of the Lord, which all flesh will see together’. This is, of course, a repetition of Isaiah 40.5. Luke, …Read More

Okay so there are zombies in Manhattan, so…. what else is new? Everybody knows that– just look at the number of Starbucks there are in New York. But seriously, Will Smith has come a long way since ‘Fresh Prince of …Read More

Certainly one of my great heroes is C.S. Lewis, who, as providence would have, died on the very same day as J.F.K., but whose parting was not nearly as scrutinized as that of our young President. Our former Asbury student, …Read More

The senior minister at my home church, Myers Park UMC in Charlotte, Dr. James Howell is both a fine minister and a fine scholar as well. He kindly sends me his e-posts to his congregation. The following post is of …Read More Rick Warren has staked out six world views he thinks Christians are confronted with on a regular basis. You will find the link above to the Christianity Today article. What seems entirely lacking in these six is a reference …Read More