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Because of the upcoming move, I’ve scaled back on many activities I love, including several non-profits. Friday, the head of one I particularly enjoy asked if I was free for lunch. Sure! I responded — she doesn’t get to Tulsa that often.

I didn’t even ask what she needed, assuming there was something she wanted to discuss in person. In fact, she had a small gift for me for my ‘service.’ Note: this is a group of such nice folks that they don’t have to ask more than once for people to help out — the group is just that nice.

Not to mention it’s a great cause. And no, I’m not going to name them; it’s a violation of their privacy.

They had a very cool mug for me, and wanted to pick my brain about some upcoming stuff they were considering. Not to sound insecure, but this is a bunch of very smart men & women, and to be asked to contribute in any way is a huge honour, at least in my book.

Again — I don’t think I’m unconfident. I know I’m fairly bright, and that I often think outside the box. Which isn’t true for all academics. And that’s probably not a bad thing — we don’t need as many odd dreamers as we do folks who can follow directions. I CAN follow directions, but like w/ a recipe, I’m always wondering, but what would happen if I did this? Or added this? Or…? 

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It’s a problem in some environments, I assure you. But it never has been for this crew, who made me feel welcome from day 1, and refused to accept my tentative (& immediate!) resignation, when I said I couldn’t really see how they could use me. Nope: they taught me to see strengths I really don’t think about having. Creativity, sure. But really? Who needs poetry at work? It turns out, though, that what powers poetry is a creativity that’s also useful in many brainstorming sessions.

My dear friends insist they miss me, & that they were glad to see me. Plus,  on a day when it was all I could do to roll out of bed & shower (this  achey summer cold is sooo kicking my butt!), what a nice treat to walk in to a cool coffee house and have someone buy me a cold drink. AND bring me a present! Who could ask for a nicer afternoon break?

As I left, they were interviewing someone to join the ‘family.’ I didn’t stay — it wasn’t my place. But I wanted to tell him: you do realise — these are just the NICEST folks? And that if you accept this job, you’ll have friends as well as colleagues?

I figure he’ll find out soon enough. I did. 🙂


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