Becoming Great
March 2014 Archives

I believe for most of us there’s a point in life where we believe the lie that we’re not good enough.  Moreover, we spend the rest of our lives trying to disprove that lie.  While it’s important to live down […]

One of the hardest and most freeing things to do in our lives is to embrace who we are. My mentor gave me a wonderful book that I just finished, The Gift of Being Yourself by David Benner. It’s a […]

Photo credit: One day I was sitting reflecting over my life and I realized in my introspection that most of my life I was quite unhappy. In fact, I would say I was miserable.  But, what shocked me even […]

Photo credit: Pervis Taylor, III As a coach one of the most exciting parts of working with my clients is when I have them create their happiness map.  Essentially its a map of things that bring them to the “warm […]

Photo Credit: For many of us, the biggest struggle in our life is summed up in this: lamenting over the life we wished happened versus the life that can possibly be.  Too often, we find ourselves stuck living in […]

Photo Credit: Google For me it’s easy to tell you things that will improve your life and give you tools to greatness.  However, it’s a challenge for me to live what I  preach.  Often our message is usually our struggle.  […]

I have to tell you one of the biggest saving graces in life have been my mentors.  Just recently I found myself in a place of uncertainty and I was being attacked spiritually.  I was so overwhelmed and disoriented, that […]

  I have a coaching program, C.A.P.E (Clarity, Articulate, Plans and Purposes and Execute). I designed it specifically for those who desire to achieve their deepest goals.  But throughout the program, I’ve discovered the hardest thing for my clients to […]