Awaken Your Truth

No is such a little word and yet holds so much power. If we know how to use it, that is. Life is filled with so much possibility and endless opportunities.  We don’t realize just how much possibility is available ...Read More

I actually don’t believe in “wrong” stories. I do believe however,  that every story we create about ourselves and every story that we find ourselves in is a doorway to our fullest potential.  They are here to challenge us, to ...Read More

Now is the most powerful moment that exists. Now is when we get to create anew. Now is when we can choose exactly who we wish to be. Now is what is real. Now is creating your tomorrow. Now is ...Read More

When life appears to be going wrong or we are left feeling confused or lost with the direction of our where our path is headed we are often convinced that there must be something wrong with us and therefore, there ...Read More