No is such a little word and yet holds so much power. If we know how to use it, that is. Life is filled with so much possibility and endless opportunities.  We don’t realize just how much possibility is available to us because we are bombarded by the thoughts and ideas of what others are saying. We say yes to what our limited mind believes is possible rather than taking a stand for what our heart truly desires. Perhaps you don’t know what your heart truly desires and that’s ok. I’ve been there and I know that feeling all too well. When I didn’t have the clarity on what I desired, the one thing I did have the clarity on was what I did NOT desire.

With the willingness to be honest with ourselves, we can always get clear on what we don’t want.

No excuses.

No hesitation.

No guilt.

Just pure honesty.

Take an inventory of your life. Make a list of everything that doesn’t make you feel good, uplift you, support you, or inspire you. And then say No.

You might say, “Oh I can’t do that.” And then we move on and look back a few months or years later and say, “Why am I still here?”

We remain where we are simply because we listened to the louder voice of our fear rather than the softer whisper of our heart.

We don’t realize that saying no requires that we muster up the courage to make changes in our life. It takes the willingness to step into the unknown and allow the ground underneath us to shake for a bit. It requires becoming comfortable in the discomfort. We don’t realize that on the other side of that discomfort are miracles waiting for you. Some of these miracles include

discovering your inner strength

discovering your own personal truth – what inspires you

discovering your gifts

remembering what brings you joy

allowing your destiny to unfold rather than handing your power over to fate

You have choice. You get to choose between your head and your heart. This is where we hold the power. Our true divine power.

I know the struggle of keeping myself in situations that were not for my highest good. I also know the freedom I experienced when I allowed myself to let go of the struggle and simply say no with love.  The truth is it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Saying No frees us. Saying no empowers us. Saying No provides clarity. Saying No makes room for our true desires to come forward. Your desires are your truth and you are here to awaken and live your truth. That is why you are here.


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