Awaken Your Truth

The one thing that we all desire as human beings is to feel good. And what is also true is that so often we go about feeling good in a very backwards way. We believe that feeling good has everything to do with what we are doing, what we are acquiring and how we look to others. What we are really doing is mistaking this idea of feeling good for feeling enough. When we try to change everything outside of us just to gain that feeling of wholeness and goodness,  we are really just trying to prove that we are enough.

Here is the TRUTH. We don’t have to prove that we are enough. We are already enough just as we are. We are enough without all the fluff. The fluff is whatever you strive for to prove to yourself and to others that you are playing by the rules, doing things the “right” way and fitting into all the molds that you were told were acceptable and honorable.

Im here to call bullshit on all of that. You are already enough just as you are. You and you alone. And here is where the magic comes in. When you truly know this – not even believe it – but know it in the cells of your being, you will live life by your own set of rules. You will create rules that uplift you, inspire you and give you joy and freedom. You will take back all your precious energy that you are exerting to prove your worthiness and you will begin to you use it to express it in a way that fulfills your heart and your soul. In other words, you stop living from the voice in your head that says, “I have to do this..own this, be this… because then I will finally feel good enough.” to I get to do this, have this, and be this because it absolutely inspires me, opens my heart and brings me joy.”

Living from this feeling of wholeness creates a completely different perception around how we see ourselves and how we view life. We don’t allow fear to be in control. We begin to take control in spite of the fear. Fear becomes an ally and we get to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy living in our own truth. There is nothing more freeing than feeling good first and allowing the rest to unfold as it may.