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Wikileaks and Julian Assange have certainly caught the attention of the world, for which I applaud them.  Looking around, I discovered Assange has his own blog, and it is well worth looking through.  One of his most fascinating essays is […]

I went searching for some Solstice cards to send out for Yule.  To my surprise no local stores seemed to have any, so I searched around on the net.  I found some really beautiful ones at Lytha Studios.   Perhaps […]

UPDATE Celia Farran ,  a Pagan singer who I have raved about before on this blog will be doing two performances this December in the Bay Area.  I don’t have the time to say a lot right now as I […]

Writing about a Pagan take on Las Vegas and the Colorado Plateau has turned into a vastly bigger undertaking than I initially imagined.  Bigger than a single blog post – but really clarifying in helping me get a better grasp […]

Jonathan Zasloff at Mark Kleiman’s Reality Based Community has an interesting discussion of a passage in the Old Testament which, if taken literally, admits the Jewish God is one among many. Of course for us this comes as no surprise. But […]

I got up this morning on the east side of California’s Sierras and made it into Sebastopol this afternoon.  A long trip, mostly good.  While among the canyons and cliffs the web was pretty far from my mind – inconvenient […]

Anyone wishing something worthwhile would come out of Washington has got to be disappointed in the outcome of Tuesday’s elections.  Disappointed, but not surprised.  Even though as both a party and on almost every issue the Republicans poll begind the […]

I’m busy packing for two weeks on the road, starting tonight.  My hit on the election will come later – no time right now and it’s best to get a little perspective.  Have at it!

I imagine most of my readers already voted by mail or are planning to vote today.  If you are teetering on staying home because the weather sucks or the Democrats are a disappointment, remember that (in almost every case for […]