It’s come to my attention that at least one person has repeatedly sent in a comment and been told I must approve it.  (Beliefnet’s system has occasionally told me I had to personally approve my OWN comments.)  I never received notice that I was supposed to approve a comment.  (They are supposed to notify me by email, and I then go to a special site were I can approve, delete, or mark a comment as spam.)  Fortunately that person had other ways of contacting me (sorry, 3rd Degree secret).

I know Beliefnet has been trying to find ways to filer out increasingly sophisticated spam, and I imagine the new system they are trying is far too restrictive.  If you have sent in a comment, been told I would have to approve it, and never seen anything, please notify me on Facebook. That’s not a 3rd degree secret and it will work.

My policy on deletions is that I ONLY delete spam and comments where the person is both abusive and has nothing interesting to say about the thread.  I then warn them once – unless they are particularly demented.  Even the modest Mr. Incredible gets his chance to prove what an ass he is.  Only the very worst get deleted immediately, the next worst after a warning. I want intelligent discussion, or at least a good time, and when both stop I pull the plug.
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