I deeply believe the problems in our country are more of the heart than of the head. Here are some youtubes courtesy of John Morehead of the Evangelical Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy on Facebook. They speak more eloquently than anything I can write that interfaith work is a good idea for anyone interested in it.  In my experience the personal result is to deepen my own appreciation of my Pagan path while also deepening my awareness of the spiritual value in others.

These guys do not have the advantage of seeing their path as one way to spiritual truth among many of similar value.  On both sides I think it the case they believe ultimately there is only one path, theirs.  Even so, look at what they can accomplish.

Muslims and Christians in Memphis.

and another

and this

These examples are between people who believe the other is deeply mistaken spiritually.  Even so, it is difficult to imagine they would foster mistrust or violence against one another.  Those Pagans who have been involved in interfaith have similar experiences.  I know for I am one.  At a time when the media is focusing on the worshipers of Sauron who pretend to be spiritual, egged on by right wing politicians, examples such as these are instructive to us all.


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