Wikileaks and Julian Assange have certainly caught the attention of the world, for which I applaud them.  Looking around, I discovered Assange has his own blog, and it is well worth looking through.  One of his most fascinating essays is available at cryptome (scroll down, the formatting sucks).  I discovered it by being led to a very interesting discussion of Assange’s vision an zunguzungu.
In addition, I just discovered an interview with Forbes Magazine where he describes his plans for our corporate masters.  Should be fun. Balloon Juice gives us a short piece of it.

The guy is brilliant.
A lot of loyal ‘American’ serfs and subjects of the crown are complaining that this makes our government’s job harder.  
Yes!  And we should be grateful at this point because the government is no longer in any sense our servant.
We are citizens who, constitutionally, have HIRED these jokers to serve us.  They have so gamed the system that our Founders’ initial vision has been turned on its head.  The rapid spread of secrets combined with the proven illegal and dishonest acts of our elected ‘representatives’, even at the highest levels, is evidence that the public’s employees have seized control from their bosses.   The actual stealing has been done by those who hide what they do from us and would make it a crime for us to discover it.
I use this unfamiliar terminology for two reasons – to remind Americans that this was the original vision behind our founding, and second, that today these guys exploit us as much as the banksters exploit their customers and shareholders.  Indeed, as Obama and Bush have shown us, gangster politicians and gangster executives are indistinguishable.
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