Shields Up says the empath. Shields down with social distancing! What am I to do says the empath? It has been a bit ‘fun’ out there for those of us who are energy feelers and if you are still reading this, you are probably one of us!

I have been working extra hard during this time of covid -19. I run our local Meals on Wheels program and we are not only extra busy taking care of those most vulnerable to this virus, I am also helping get the food out as we had to set up a temporary kitchen outside of the hospital. I am currently working 6 days a weeks away from home. Very strange for me! It has been a long while since I have needed to be out of the house and ready for left brained activities first thing in the morning. That is my favourite time to talk with my guides and angels and write lol.

I am actually out there with the people way more than I am ever am normally. Seems odd in a time of social isolation. My higher self must be having such a great time with this one lol. This is a strange place for me to be! So, here I am out there with people who don’t remotely get social distancing and staying home. Not for my work, but when I have to pick up the necessity of life. NOT SHOPPING AND PURSUING! I know…I yelled lol. I realized yesterday while I was trying to help out other people who cannot go out right now that I am feeling this energy out there way too much!

So, what can we do. We need to use our shields, but also we aware when someone gets too close. This means we need to hold our energy close and yet also sense and feel our surroundings. An oxymoron in the making and I am trying really hard to be a good person out there in the world and not use the last part of second word when I am dealing people lol. It has been a real challenge for me lol.

Your angel guidance is to play with your shields and remember to use some filters right now:

Today when I go out in the world, I am going set my intention to do a better job of not feeling all of this. My best advice to you right now is to not watch the news. Go to credible sources you trust and STAY HOME UNLESS YOU REALLY, REALLY NEED TO BE OUT THERE! The sooner we all do this, the faster this great shift will be over with.

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