Are you Alone right now? Loneliness is so much more different that being alone, and yet most people see them as much the same.

I spend a lot of my time alone. I am seldom lonely. To write, I need to leave part of the world behind and that can be a challenge when others are around. I can write in a crowded bar, as long as people aren’t bothering me. I am usually in my right mind when I write and when people talk to me, it brings me right back to the left side. I don’t like the left side so much lol. Since this time of us all being exile to another realm (the covid isolation) I have had be mostly in the left brained world and it is exhausting lol.

Thought I would let all you bored people know that I am jealous lol. I did take an hour today and go out and wildcraft some spring buds and medicine with the girls before they are all gone, but it has been a really busy time for me. I know it isn’t forever and I am doing important work keeping our clients at home and safer.

How are you spending your time? If you are working, I do hope you can take some time for you. Self first or we can’t be any use to those who need us. For those of you who are at home and in isolation, this is the perfect opportunity for some wonderful personal and spiritual growth.

If you find you are lonely and longing to be with others, it could be that you have been avoiding being alone with you! If you have work to do, these are the times those things come to the surface. Healing those triggers is huge. When you can move through the discomfort, the patterns and the story change. It really is a sign you are ready for a new beginning and a different ending! 

Just before all of this began, I was working on an online email course for spiritual growth. I was asked by some clients in small towns with no spiritual community or places to take classes. We will begin with basic information and meditation of course lol. It will continue on each week with a new chapter. We will start basic and go up from there. In will include learning to read cards, numerology, symbology, and whatever else I come up with along way. There may be a conference call or two. I am offering this by a monthly donation. Send me an email if you want to join us.

Since we can’t get together right now and do classes, this is a perfect way to create a spiritual practice, grow, and learn.

Your angel guidance is to use your alone time to shed the old and get ready for a paradigm shift:

Create a spiritual practice that you can carry on with after this big shift. Use your alone time to develop a mediation practice and start working with your angels, guides, and higher selves today. Once this time is over, you will be masters and ready for the next chapter in your book of life.

Love and Blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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