Invoke angelic protection anytime you feel the need for extra support. The angels are an amazing support and learning to use shields and filters during stressful times can make all the difference. You know when you are out of balance, or going into a potentially challenging day, and those are the exact moments to put put your shields up!


Clearing your energy is the first step. Perform a progressive relaxation. Relax your breathing and your body. You can use a simple prayer or a mantra to set your intention. Allow yourself to enter a state of balance, peace, and harmony. When you feel connected and ready, imagine in your mind’s eye about 20 feet above you a small whirlwind of crystalline white energy beginning to form. It looks like a small tornado. Visualize it so that it is growing large enough to encompass your entire auric field. The small end of the funnel would be visualized as capable of entering through the crown of your head and passing down the middle pillar of your body. This spiritual fire should be seen as rotating and spinning clockwise. As it touches your aura, see it as sucking up and burning off all of the energy debris you have accumulated.

See, feel and imagine it moving down, over and through your entire aura and body. Know that it is sweeping your energy field clean of all the extraneous energies you have accumulated.

As it moves through your body, allow this energy vortex to exit out through your feet down into the heart of the earth itself.  See the vortex as carrying this energy debris into the lower realms.  Let Mother Earth use it as she sees fit.

Invoking angelic Protection is easy, it just a matter of asking. It can be is simple as saying “White Light, White Light, surround me in protection.” or you can ask, Dearest Angels Surround me in your loving light. Help me to keep my energy clear, clean, and high vibrating at all times.” You can call in Archangel Michael. He is the archangel of strength and protection.

This prayer is the perfect way to invoke angelic protection. Use some filters so you don’t miss out on all the good stuff that is out there. Let the rest go and trust that it is so.

Your Angel Guidance is to know that you are always under Angelic Protection:

Use shields and filters at any time you feel too much. When you are tired, overwhelmed, afraid, or in any other energy that is too much for you. Stop. Clear yourself of everyone’s energy, and put up some shields and filters. This is the best energetic protection you will ever need. All you need to do is call in Angelic Protection and let the angels do the rest.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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