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I love hearing your angel stories about how the angels have made a difference in your life in some way. Here are some wonderful shares from my readers who invoked angelic assistance and felt the tangible results manifesting.


Here is a delightful share from Lester in Canada. He said, “I took my Daughter to get her G1 (drivers test) here in Orangeville Ont. She wrote her test and she failed, so they told her she could write it again the same day, she wrote it again and she failed so I sat with her for the 3rd time that day in the waiting area to rewrite her test again. While we were sitting there, (she’s 16) I told her to ask her angels to help here with the next test. She knows how I believe in the Angels. Anyway she went on a wrote her test again, then she came out smiling, she said Dad, I passed. She said I took your advice and asked my Angels for help. I smiled and said, I told you to ask. She smiled and we laughed. I think she will be asking for help more often now!”
Roelie in the Netherlands knows what a difference it makes when you invite the angels in. She says, “Yes, that’s very true, I’ve good connections with the travel angel, with the parking angel, with the shopping angel, with Michael the protector, and Rafael the healer, Uriel for wisdom etc etc, they never let you down, and always they bring love, thank you, XXX

Sarah on Vancouver Island writes, “I have always believed in my angels. I know they guide me throughout my day. Once when I was lost, late, and on my way to job interview, I pulled over and just started to cry, then I remembered my angels. I said a prayer, wiped my face and began looking again for the building I needed, I saw a light I hadn’t noticed before and there it was. I wished I had stopped and asked for help sooner! Oh and Yes, I did send my angels ahead and I got the job.”

One of my favorite stories is when I was late dropping off the paperwork for Meals on Wheels to the lady who was filling in for me while I was out of town. It was a dark winter night and no one in the entire neighbourhood had a light on and I could not see any house numbers. I didn’t know where her house was. I saw a sign that said ‘This home is protected by angels” so I decided to pull over in front of the house and call. The lady popped her head out of the door so I could see which house was hers and it was the house I had parked in front of.”

I love the angels, they do make life easier, it is just that sometimes we forget to ask! How have the angels shown up in your stories?

Your Angel Guidance is to invite the angels in and write your own angel stories:

When you are going about your day and running errands, play with the energy and send your angels ahead. Ask them to find you parking spots, perfect timing at the bank or the grocery store, making that call you weren’t looking forward to, whatever it is you are planning to do, start with sending your angels ahead of you to pave the way to a perfect day! Most importantly, look for the results of those requests by seeing the ease of which your life begins to flow.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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