You Can Sit With Us

It’s all going to be okay…. wait not okay… Who wants just okay? I sure don’t. I want all that God has for me and let me assure you He’s a big God with a Big imagination. There is simply nothing that He cannot do. I am sorry to disappoint you if you have been living differently but you don’t have to. See, here’s the solid truth, the real deal, not some man made version, or scientific fact but God’s word, His promise. We were made for more! Get on your knees, or in your favorite chair, or go lay in the grass but start asking God….

Why am I here?

What is my gift/s?

Show me how to be used by you?

Set fire to my passions that possibly have been dormant for years or decades. Unleash your power, Lord

Don’t walk but run towards your creator. Stop living offended or wishing you had someone else’s life. It’s insulting to God because He created you, set you apart for purpose, with intent. Get up, get up, get up and move! See you stay stuck when you don’t move. You may say “Well, that’s great advice and all but I don’t know where to move to?” “My life is a mess and I can’t even pick my head up let alone my heart off of the floor.” I understand because I have been there and will possibly be there again. Listen Up! This is what you do, my precious little peanut butter cookie, ( I really like peanut butter cookies so thought I would add that term of endearment) You pull yourself out of bed, put on your yoga pants, throw your hair in a messy bun, please brush your teeth and drive to the bookstore. Walk inside and buy a (NIV) Life Application Bible. From there, go get yourself a cup of coffee, latte, or tea and sit down with your “Key.” The key is the word of God and it is ALIVE. Start anywhere, I don’t care and neither does God. After you have spent at least 30 minutes in the word ( really no more than that in the beginning, we want you coming back), get back into your car and turn your Spotify off and talk to Jesus. It does not matter what you say because He is well aware of what is hurting you. Do you want His help? That is what moving forward is all about. You are not suppose to know about tomorrow so stop living there and see what God wants to reveal to you today. It is treasure that is not from this world and the minute you experience “His treasure” you will never be the same. Yes, it is that powerful and life giving, nothing will ever compare once you see the power of God front and center in your own life. God wants to be Glorified. Do you think God wants to leave you in despair, lacking? Not a chance because you are His most valuable of all creation. Get it into your mind that you are an Heir!

Each day you make a conscious choice of moving closer to Him, the shackles will start to fall away, the pain will diminish, the change will come. I say these last two words with love, only love….NOW MOVE

To Kiss the Son means to surrender fully and submit to him. ( straight from the bible). Christ is not only God’s chosen King, he is also the rightful King of our hearts and our lives. To be ready for Christ’s return, we must submit to his leadership every day.

David felt like he was in the minority. As many as 10,000 soldiers may have been surrounding him at this time. Not only did David’s enemies view life differently, they actively sought to harm him. As king, David could have trusted his army to defeat Absalom. But instead, he depended on God’s mercy. Therefore he was at peace with whatever the outcome, knowing that God’s great purposes would prevail. We can overcome fear by trusting God for his protection in our darkest hour.

David was not sitting on his throne from a place of power; he was running for his life from his rebellious son, Absalom and a host of traitors. When circumstances go against us, we may be tempted to think that God is against us. But David reminds us that the opposite is true. When everything seems to go wrong, God is still for us. If a circumstance has turned against you, don’t blame God, seek him. God responds to us when we urgently pray to him.

David knew that God would hear him when he called and would answer him. We too can be confident that God listens to our prayers and answers when we call on him. Sometimes we think that God will not hear us because we have fallen short of his high standards for holy living. But if we have trusted Christ for salvation, God has forgiven us, and he will listen to us. When you feel as though your prayers are bouncing off of the ceiling, remember as a believer you have been set apart by God and that he loves you. He hears and he answers, although his answer may not be what you expected. Look at God and not the problem and then the solution will come.

Did you know that we who are followers of Christ have total access to God’s favor?  It is our birthright. God has been speaking to me on this very subject for almost a week and I want to share with you what He has revealed to me. One way that I am confident that God is giving me revelation is when He confirms something for me multiple times, usually 3 but sometimes more. I will back this up with scripture and pray that this gives you the desire to want to go deeper into God’s ways. It is vitally important for you to understand what Jesus means when He said, I am the way, the truth and the life. There is only one way that brings forth the life you desire and that is to seek him with your whole being so He can mend the broken areas of your life. We cannot fool or manipulate God, ever. He is our creator and knows us better than we know ourselves. It all begins with an real authentic relationship; time spent and relationship nurtured.

The first thing I want you to consider is what it means to surrender your life over to God. Many of us will be baptized but fewer will actually walk with Christ. Walking with Christ is a surrendering of one’s life and allowing God to take it from there. It is total dependence on the only one who has the power to make real change possible. Heaven’s resources are unlimited but it all starts from the inside.

What do you believe? Faith pleases God but how do we get faith when everything looks and feels so out of control in our lives and in world around us? God says focus not on the seen but the unseen. The seen is temporal but the unseen is eternal and much more real than the natural. So many of us put all of our eggs into this life and what the world says we should do but why would we do that when God is the creator? Why would be worship creation ( people, power, money, jobs, houses, oceans, clothes, hobbies, etc) and not the creator?

They exchange the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the creator who is worthy of praise.- Romans 1:25

But remember the Lord you God for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today- Deuteronomy 8:18

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, with whom there is no change of shifting shadow- James 1:17

God does not just prosper us so that we can look good; the prosperity that we have been given is to accomplish His specific assignment for our lives. God wants us to take care of our families and then take care of others. See, money isn’t evil, it is what you do with money, the enticement of money that can create a snare. If you are using money for the sole purpose of making your life better only, then you have missed why you are here.

In order to have God’s favor on your life, there are some things we must do to gain access. This isn’t a one time or occasional thing, this is lifestyle.

  1. Meditate on the word of God and then actually obey. Sin does destroy and we all fall short so don’t get caught up in that so much but turn your heart to God. When you surrender, you invite God to come in. He will show you along the way what He wants you to do or not do. He is able to transform, we must be willing and then obey. It’s a process but stick to His plan. Get into a time spent relationship with Him. He is good and trustworthy.
  2. Pray, pray, pray. Learn to pray consistently. This draws you closer to your Father. Prayer creates intimacy and total access. Prayer is powerful but you must believe which leads me to my third point.
  3. Faith!!! Nothing pleases God more than you having faith in Him. God will stretch us to increase our faith. You may be in a serious bind and everything around you in the natural is getting worse. You lost your job, you can’t pay your mortgage, your kids have strayed, you wife is about to file for divorce, you have just been diagnosed with a serious illness/disease. Get on your knees and pray and have faith that God will do only what He can do. If doubt starts to creep in and it will, ask for more faith.
  4. Praise! Look above at the verse again from Romans 1:25. We are to only worship one and that is God. Start asking God to remove the idols in your life. Stop reading your horoscope, self help books, or looking to the universe for answers. Stop getting advice from  your “worldly” friends who only have human wisdom and no real relationship with God. True wisdom comes again from one source.  God is your qualifier! Give him the praise that he so deserves.
  5. Sow seeds. Ask God each morning, show me where you want me to sow a seed. Blessing others not out of obligation but from a pure heart opens the way to God’s favor.

Secular favor is very different than supernatural favor. There are no strings attached to God’s favor. It is a free gift given out of love. Put into practice the above and watch what happens. God does not renege on His promises.

And my God will supply every need of yours, according to His riches in glory in Jesus Christ- Phil 4:19

Let it Be!


From the book of Amos.

Why does God put so much emphasis on the way we treat the poor and needy? How we treat the rich, or those of equal standing, often reflects what we hope to get from them. But because the poor can give us nothing, how we treat them reflects our true character. Do, we like Christ, give without a thought of gain? We should treat the poor as we would like God to treat us. If every good and perfect gift comes from above including our abilities to gain wealth, then it seems like it would make perfect sense for us to consider who God is and where He wants us to place our trust.

The book of Amos give 8 common excuses for not helping the poor.

  1. They don’t deserve help
  2. They got themselves into poverty; let them get themselves out
  3. God’s call to help the poor applies to another time
  4. We don’t know any people like this
  5. Any money I give will be wasted, stolen or spent. The poor will never see it
  6. I may become a victim, being taken advantage of
  7. I don’t know where to start and I don’t have time
  8. My little bit won’t make a difference

God wants sincere hearts. Great wealth and comfortable lifestyles may make people think they are secure, but God is not pleased if we isolate ourselves from others’ needs. God wants us to care for others as he cares for us. His kingdom has no place for selfishness or indifference. We must learn to put the needs of others before our wants. Using our wealth to help others is one way to guard against pride and complacency. Great cities to the east, north and west had been destroyed because of their pride.

Ivory was an imported luxury, rare and extremely expensive. Even a small amount of ivory symbolized wealth. Something as extravagant as a bed inlaid with ivory shows the gross waste of resources that should have been used to help the poor.

The people had built luxurious homes to flaunt their achievements. While it is not wrong to live in comfortable houses, we must not let them become sources of inflated pride and self- glorification. God gave our homes to us, and they are to be used for service, not just for show.

No matter how God warned the people, through famine, drought, blight, locusts, plagues, or war- they still ignored him. Because the Israelites didn’t get the message, they would have to meet God face to face in judgment. No longer could they ignore God, the one they had rejected, the one they refused to obey when he commanded them to care for the poor. Are we prepared to meet him? The law courts should have been a place of justice where the poor and oppressed could find relief. Instead, they have become places of greed and injustice.

God wants people to be right with him; he wants the sin that makes us crooked removed immediately. God’s word is the plumb line that helps us be aware of what to do and what not to do. How do you measure up to God’s plumb line? Are you obeying God’s call to you?