You Can Sit With Us

When I, Jenna was growing up, my dad had school drop- off duty. And without fail, every morning as he slowed the car to a stop and we hurriedly unbuckled our seats belts, grabbed our backpacks, and threw open the doors, he would give the same exhortation: “Girls, have a good day. Laugh alot! Learn alot! And don’t forget who gave it to ya.”

I never thought much about the phrase growing up. My sisters and I would just robotically say it with him and then quickly yell, “Okay, Dad!” before slamming the car door shut.


And as a young girl, I naturally did just that. Laughing came easily. Learning was fun. Remembering God as the giver of my day? Well, it wasn’t always on my mind, but I never doubted God was with me and cared for me.

But then as I started to grow up. And with growing came more responsibilities. And with more responsibilities came anxiety. It wasn’t long before homework hours lengthened, friends and family hurt me, and I hurt them. Pretty soon I was taking my SATs, learning how to interview for jobs, trying to pay bills. Marriage brought deep joy, but also deep struggles. Cancer invaded the family, and my heroes in life passed away. Babies were born and another level of worry entered.

The older I got, the less naturally I lived. Like Jesus taught, “Come to Me like a child.” Carefree, full of wonderment. The serious struggles of life squelched laughter. The joy of learning turned into pressure to achieve. And remembering God? The anxieties of life pushed out thoughts of Him. That is why it’s so hard for me to accept Paul’s words in Phil. 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord, Always.” This is a command. Always though? How are we supposed to do that with the pain and anxiety of life?

Rejoicing in the Lord does not mean we are in a constant state of excitement. It’s not about sucking it up and even putting on a fake smile. No, rejoicing means to remember. It means to be grateful for past, even present, and what’s to come.

Remembering that the Lord is here, always. He sees it all, He knows what’s going on in and around your unique life.

Remembering that the Lord is in control, always.

Remembering that the Lord is not only the giver of your day but also the ordainer of every minute inside of it, always.

Remembering that amidst the pressures, pain, and anxiety in life, He is sovereign, always.

Anxious for Nothing


You must consistently ask yourself these questions?

Who am I around?

What are they doing to me?

Where have they got me going?

What do they have me saying?

What do they have me thinking?

And most importantly what am I becoming?

Then ask yourself…

Is this okay?

Are they making my life better or keeping me down?

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

Have you ever felt stuck? No matter what you seem to try, you just can’t get the forward movement you desire. Let’s talk about some roots that may be holding you back.

1. Comfort zone- we all should know that you will not grow in your comfort zone. Growth comes from challenges, obstacles and even feeling so called stuck. If you want a different result you must try a different approach. I decided to go after my dream of becoming an author so there were steps I needed to take in order for that to actually manifest. BTW, I am still in my process and we all will stay in process. God will just take us to new levels once He feels we are ready. Anyways, the first thing I needed to do was to create a plan of action. First being, write. I must write everyday in order to grow and evolve. Come up with one thing and learn to do that one thing really well. You may still feel you are not making the progress you hoped but keep with it, it will come.

2. Let go of control- Surrendering is not passive nor is manifesting your destiny linear. Look for places in your life that have the biggest gaps. Are you a people pleaser? Are you unforgiving? Do you manipulate to get your way? Take personal inventory of who you really are or have become and then ask God to help you let go. If you are carrying junk then it’s really hard to know where your passions lie or what His plan is for your life.

3. Identify and break free from old beliefs that are sabotaging. Examples, I am not going to make it. I am not going to have have Godly love in my life. I am a failure. This is not where I wanted my life to be. I am too old, I am too young. I am not qualified. I’m running out of time.  What story are you telling about yourself? It’s time to change the narrative. God is the decider and since He made you, I think, no I know His plan is good. I am worthy. I matter. Identify the mindsets and replace those thoughts with power thoughts. Power thoughts bring real change.

4. Connect with Jesus- Jesus is the one that unlocks your truest self and deepest desires. Cultivate your relationship with Jesus so you can hear Him tell you the next step/s. Prayer, Bible time, groups, nature. So many ways. Will it still be challenging? YES!

5. Expand your field of support- Ask Jesus to bring those alignments you will need to get you to the next level. Connections, relationships. You cannot become yourself by yourself. Your power increases when you team up with others. For me, it would be editors, agents, publishers, mentors, other authors. For you something different

6. Give up wishing- The potential you feel for your life is very real! Realizing your destiny is like going for the gold. Commit, train, stay the course even when its tough, work on your gift. When you activate your destiny, you set off a chain reaction all around you as you reach higher.

The world will pull at you, hard. Dragging you by the hand, shouting, “This is important, you aren’t good enough, it will never happen, you need to do this and this” but everyday you will need the strength to yank your hand back, hold it to your heart and say, “No, this is what’s important.” It is vital for your growth that you know who you are. I realize that may seem like such a broad statement when we live in a world that is constantly changing and insisting we change too. Yes, change but only let ONE change you, your creator. See your identity comes from God, the one who made you. Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you, I set you apart. There are buried treasures that God himself placed inside of you that consists of personality, talents, gifts, and dreams. However, they can only truly be revealed through an authentic relationship with Christ Jesus. Having a real relationship with Jesus is like waking from a deep slumber only to open your eyes to the glow and warmth of the sun, the birds singing you a good cheer song and setting your foot on solid ground. Don’t get tossed in the waves of popularity, vanity, or material possessions. You are more than those fleeting fads. You are more precious than rubies, it’s important that you know that. Your worth does not come from man but from God alone, the one who loves you like no other. God made you, yes you totally unique with a purpose and a plan. You are a warrior princess who will need to put her armor on, daily. This temporary life right here, right now is a battle. However, God gave you all you need to fight the good fight. Don’t lay your sword down to peer pressures or unfulfilled dreams that will cause your soul to grieve. His mercies are new every morning so each day is a new day for you too. Yesterday is long gone, don’t look back, eyes focused ahead and on Him. Don’t waste your mind, the beautiful mind God gave you doing ugly things. Remember the grass withers and the flowers fade but the word of God will stand forever. It’s okay you can let go and let Him take it from here, you are safe in His arms. Let your story be a story of love.