I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but we are in a war for our beloved America.  This post probably won’t be popular but I’m not called to be popular. I am called to be the salt of the earth. There are many things I can say about the current administration running our country but it far outweighs just that. We have allowed evil to seep into every part of the seven mountains of influence- Education, Government, Arts/Entertainment, Media, Business, Family, and the Church. We have subtly given into cultural shifts/norms because we didn’t want to go against the grain/narrative. Do you know what Jesus said about following the crowd, DON’T! If you’re being taught in church that Jesus was nice, find another church. Jesus spoke the hard truth in love. So here are some unpopular truths every single one of us should be asking ourselves right now. Then take action. We are told to occupy until Jesus returns.

Do you have a mind of your own? I know this sounds rude but many are just doing what they’re told or what the elite push. I personally do not think masking kids for years is healthy or productive. I think it’s child abuse. Now many would say, ” Oh you’re so selfish. There’s a deadly pandemic.” But what is the cost? Honestly, what is it? Suicide in children is up. They are being deprived of social cues. They don’t know if their teachers are smiling or frowning. They don’t get to see their classmates faces anymore- mind you for a virus that has a 99.98 percent survival rate for kids. I’ve looked at so many studies on masking and I can tell you undoubtedly, masking causes more harm than good. They are breathing in their own CO2. Did you know that masking and six feet apart is actually a satanic ritual? The devil is in the details. WAKE UP!

Do you do your own research or do you rely on government officials/ media to tell you the truth? Ronald Regan said some of the most terrifying words in the English language are, “Im from the government and I am here to help you.”

Where is your focus? Is it on material things or eternal things? One of the most important and life giving things you can do for your children and yourself is teach them in the way they should go and later they will not depart from it. Wisdom is eternal. Truth is eternal, not cultural. Love is eternal. Jesus is eternal. We are too locked into world knowledge and our baskets will be empty before God if we don’t start putting our eggs into the eternal basket. God will hold us accountable for what we taught our children. Spoiler alert- It’s not Critical Race Theory.

Are you protecting your eye gates and ear gates? What are you watching? Who are you friends with? Where are you going?  Aristotle said there are two types of friendships. The accidental- where two parties are not in it for affection but rather for the benefit- what they can get/gain. This is usually in business, sports or pleasure. The other type of friendship is of the good- Rather than utility or pleasure, this kind of friendship is based on virtues and such a relationship endures over time because there is an underlining of goodness required in each person. People who lack empathy, seldom develop these types of friendships. You know what else is eternal- Empathy.

Do you believe hard work is important? Whether you work outside the home or inside? I’m not talking about how much money you make. There are many who make a lot of money and don’t work hard/ don’t advance the kingdom.  What are you putting your hands to? What kind of fruit is your work bearing? Is it eternal?

Last, don’t be deceived. If something sounds off, dig. Jesus said we are to search a matter out. He didn’t say go home and turn on your local news and believe everything they say. He didn’t say believe everything your teachers and/or parents tell you. If something smells fishy, search for the truth. The truth like Jesus is to be searched. In the end days, God said that many would be deceived. They would have itching ears- “tell me what I want to hear but don’t tell me the truth.”

Wake up from your slumber, for the time is near. It’s time to get back to a reverence for God so that he can heal our land as we co-labor to take ground.

Solomon who chased after all that glitters said it was all meaningless, all of it. Chase after virtue, Chase after righteous injustice, chase after the nuclear family, and most importantly chase after your creator, GOD.





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