I saw this amazing quote the other day that honestly says it all.

I can allow my painful feelings to visit me without allowing them to move all of their shit into my guest room, leave their gross dishes in my sink and not pay rent.

Hmm, resonate? We mere mortals are funny. We stop ourselves from the life we really want because we let our feelings and our thoughts( fear) dictate what we can and can’t have. Have you ever just wanted to say, “f*** it” and go for it. Take the risk. We are told that we have to do certain things and we must stay in those perimeters or people will think we are crazy.

Go to college

Get a job

Get married

Buy home

Have 3 kids

Tuck money into 401K


Vacation in Florida

That works for some but not everyone. You may be at a place in your life right now where the regrets are stacked to the ceiling. You’ve settled. That one thing you wanted to do, you didn’t because your mother died or your friend’s business went under or your husband’s career was more lucrative than yours or the kids… the kids needed you so you kept putting off that one thing that makes you come alive, in a this is mine and mine only kinda of way. That gift that was placed inside of you before you were wife, mommy. Don’t put your family in second place, do keep your loves in order but also make time for what sets you on fire. Really what’s the worst thing that could happen if we took more risks, set more boundaries with our people? We fail? Things rarely turn out the way we want them to anyways. Sometimes they turn out better than we could have dreamed up ourselves. So what if the mortgage is a little late. Who cares if you have to cut cable for awhile. The people that were not casualties are the ones who paid the rent late or slept in their car or on someone’s couch while going for that one thing. They ate the Ramen noodles.



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