We Wait He Works

We Wait, He Works is all about telling people about how God can change their lives, their perspectives about life and how He is always working in any situation. The author, Alexis Wohler, is a freelance writer from Seven Hills, Ohio. Contact her at

God is not dead as some people believe. He is very much alive in all of us because He has His Spirit within us. People think that God is dead because there is so much turmoil in the world and […]

  The acronym WWJD can have a few different meanings. It can either stand for Walk with Jesus Daily or What Would Jesus Do? You can think about it every time you are in a tough situation or have a […]

Have you ever heard the phrase “when in doubt, pray it out” from someone? This can confuse people. Some might ask “Why pray about something when I can just vent about it instead? What do you mean when I’m in […]

Are you inspired by people easily? Do you enjoy looking up quotes by famous people on the internet? Here are just a few of them to encourage you. “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”-Dolly Parton Embrace […]

We are all future-oriented people. Everyone desires personal strength, inner peace, and hope. What other things do you desire? How much of the time can you say that you really desire to get to know God more in your life? […]

There is nothing that God won’t do for you. He loves you enough that He died for you. He bled and suffered unimaginable torture for you out of His love for you. Have you ever thought that your plans for […]

When you think of a thriving church, what do you think about? Do you think about thousands of people pouring in every Sunday for the service/services? What about a bustling congregation that is willing to talk to each other about […]

Are you a person who is looking for your full-time job after getting out of college? It can be extremely hard to find one no matter what field you may be in, especially in this day and age. The frustration […]

  You can do whatever you want to do. The question is, “How big is your ‘want to’?” Think about something that You have always wanted to do, whether it’s breaking an addiction such as smoking, going back to school, […]

The Bible says do not worry 365 times. It is a daily reminder not to worry. Everywhere you look there are signs to not worry. It may be tough at times with everything that is going on in your life, […]