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 COME AND TAKE IT – Steve Vaus (official video) Steve Vaus says, “I’m going to buy some time to air this on radio stations in Washington, D.C. The President and members of Congress need to hear from law abiding gun […]

Steve Vaus is without-a-doubt absolutely my favorite patriotic song writer and singer.  He produces his own music so he is beholding to no one!  He sings and writes from his heart and his music will impact your patriotic heart.  He […]

Watchwoman: Because I’ve gotten some foolish comments about my post (  ) that I skipped Obama’s Tuesday, January 24, 2012, fundraising, tickle-the-ears-of-the-yellow-dog-dems, pro-Marxist, social engineering, anti-free-market, raise all our taxes, social justice, campaign speech, that we’ve all heard in […]   ________________________________________________ Watchwoman Related Posts I wasn’t alone. Many skipped Obama’s Political Speech Tuesday P☺litcal Cartoon – State of the Union – Fundraiser Top 5 Bad Ideas from President Obama’s State of the Union ________________________________________________

CD of my newest song Hopefully by now you’ve heard my new song called STATE OF THE UNION. A few days ago Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily wrote a beautiful essay about STATE and a song I did some time ago called WE MUST […]

Watchwoman: Steve Vaus is a great patriot and a great song writer, a composer who writes feelings and paints pictures with words, a singer with talent that is top-notch, and a professional all-around producer of the best Christian, God-inspired, patriotic […]