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 COME AND TAKE IT – Steve Vaus (official video)

Steve Vaus has a message for the president and Congress concerning the right to bear arms, the Second Amendment.

Steve Vaus says, “I’m going to buy some time to air this on radio stations in Washington, D.C. The President and members of Congress need to hear from law abiding gun owners.”

Radio Spot for COME AND TAKE IT (60 sec)


Steve Vaus just posted this new video on YouTube re Second Amendment rights.

Please watch it and share it.


Steve Vaus

1-800-HIT SONG

Calvin’s Commentary: Steve Vaus is bested by no one when it comes to writing patriotic songs and singing them! He writes and produces his own music in his own studio because the biased entertainment industry won’t!  Steve is one of us! He’s a Christian and a doer of the word! He has appeared on Pastor Ernie Sanders (What’s Right, What’s Left) program many times over the years. You might call him the singing voice of the Christian resistance! I pray for Steve.  May God bless Steve! May God protect him. Because the government and the entertainment industry seeks his destruction. Amen!  Listen to his entire newest song, Come and Take It ↓↓↓ Link below ↓↓↓ Donna Calvin ▬ Friday, January 25, 2013

New 2nd Amendment Song by Steve Vaus
Hear the full song (listen free):

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