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Calvin’s Commentary: Say what? Or is it just me, am I stupid or somethin’? Ain’t combat considered violent anymore? Or maybe it’s just that when messiah Obama is the Commander in Cheat that war’s combats have magically evolved into non-violent […]

by Donna Calvin September 11, 2011 Today is another beautiful September 11th day – maybe not even as nice as it was 11 years ago when the united States of America was attacked by a foreign religion, the Muslim religion […]

They blamed President George W. Bush!         Why not Obama?   _____________________________________________________________________________________   Army suicides hit a new single-month record in July, when 38 active-duty and reserve soldiers took their own lives, according to official figures released […]

Pentagon gets gayer than ever For 1st time, uniformed troops given green light to march in ‘pride’ parade by Bob UnruhEmail | Archive Less than 24 hours after WND reported at least one member of the U.S. Air Force had […]

‘Fort Hood attack was not anomaly,’ lawmaker contends at Hill hearing By Shaun Waterman – The Washington Times © Al Qaeda and other terrorists are trying to infiltrate the U.S. armed forces, which makes military facilities in the U.S. dangerous for […]

Watchwoman: And you thought a Gucci bag bought on Rodeo Drive in LA was expensive, check out these prices! ▬ Donna Calvin $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ […]

WRITTEN BY JOE WOLVERTON, II THURSDAY, 21 JULY 2011 10:41 Those raised overseas can testify as to how comforting it is to be able to go on American military installations and eat pizza at Pizza Hut or eat a burger […]