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In his own words, the tyrant and dictator Obama is coming after your guns by Executive Order if Biden and Congress don’t, he will…       Video Source:

What every legislator – and citizen – needs to know.       See below for text transcript: Video Source:   Fact #1 – Vice President Joe Biden will present his recommendations for new gun control legislation tomorrow. But […]


Bad policy after bad policy.  Often illegally imposed. As a result, the Tech Sector – 1/6 of our nation’s economy, as big as health care – is hemorrhaging jobs. Tech Layoffs Hit 3-year High in First Half of 2012 And […]

Watch this video and forward it on. We the People have to know! There are 21,300,000 government employees — that’s 21 million 300 thousand! — No wonder we can’t get spending cuts! — They’ll never vote for spending cuts! — […]