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VATICAN CITY, JAN 21, 2006 (VIS) – This morning in the Urban VIII Chapel of the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, in keeping with the tradition for today’s feast of St. Agnes, the Pope today blessed two lambs, the wool of which […]

Magister tries to sort out conflicting reports: Joseph Ratzinger has written little on the topic of Islam over the years. But it is a topic very much on his mind, and all the more so since he became pope. Last […]

From Vatican Information Service: VATICAN CITY, JAN 23, 2006 (VIS) – This morning, Benedict XVI participated in a congress organized by the Pontifical Council "Cor Unum." The event is being held in the Vatican’s New Synod Hall on January 23 […]

Chris Johnson’s catching up to you –

The Flying Friar: A comic book/ graphic novel inspired by St. Joseph Cupertino: Mr Johnston, a British author of graphic novels, attempted to keep his character faithful to the saint, but has embellished his adventures by creating a fictional adversary […]

A rather vexing article from the Times UK (reported by Richard Owen, who is reportedly not a great friend of the cause) on the Vatican’s recent moves on copyrights for papal documents. A Milanese publishing house that had issued an […]

To blog reviews of the three books on the sidebar, and get on to some more. Now that I’m not spending hours every day researching Rome apartments, that might actually be possible… Oh, and add Crunchy Cons to the list! […]

With all of the news from this weekend of remembrance: Pro-life Blogs After Abortion C-Span will cover live from noon EWTN from 11 AM eastern Ron Belgau offers a reflection at a memorial service for the unborn

A review of a new book on the Molokai leper colony – sounds heartbreaking and compelling. No mention of Fr. Damien though – in the review (I know the book profiles him) – I know – carp, carp, carp.

People, my email situation is getting ridiculous again. On a typical day, I get about 75 emails related either to work or this blog, not counting those that are getting spit over to spam and that I miss. Most of […]