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The post below has been updated – lesson: Don’t believe the Times UK, especially if the byline is "Richard Owen."

The NRO Editors The Court would be perfectly justified in concluding that its attempts to micromanage abortion policy have failed, in regarding this failure as an indictment of its pretensions to have any special expertise or authority to do so, […]

The WSJ continues its interest in matteres religious, examing the role of the Legionaries of Christ in Mexican society: The Legion’s close ties with the elite are most evident in Monterrey, a city of four million that has long been […]

with the day’s events over at After Abortion. They are liveblogging and posting up a storm. Speaking of storms, here’s a column by Chris Weinkopf in the LA Daily News about the makers of the film A Distant Thunder, about […]

Thanks to a commenter, I’m alerted to this interesting story: Shantigarh Requiem for the Unborn composed by John Bonaduce (according to the commentor, the brother of Partridge Family Danny Bonaduce – and he does resemble him in the photo here) […]

This week’s letter from the pastor of St. Rita’s Catholic Church in north Dallas, TX I have been called a fanatic many times. Some consider me such because of my vocation as a priest. Many more have called me a […]

An essay by Dr. Robert George, written for and published at Pontifications: Now a supporter of embryo-killing for biomedical research might concede that a human embryo is a human being, yet deny that human beings in the early stages of […]

Lilnks to news stories about the Walk for LIfe, West Coast.

Remember that National Association of Pastoral Musicians’ survey from a while back, asking for the titles of "songs that made a difference" – referring to music used in liturgies? No? Well, they had an online survey to that effect. I […]

Two questions: Did you hear Pescador de Hombres? (No judgment on the song, which I like – I think I would like it better in Spanish than English, though. Just curious) Were pro-life concerns mentioned? Me: 1)Yes 2)No (And hey, […]