Many thanks for the kind comments so far. I am a little shaky on my feet here, which surprises me. I am not sure why. I am conscious of trying to strike the right balance. And, in other news that will surprise no one, what is most on my mind and in my heart is not bloggable. At least not 100% of the time.

As promised, let us begin – let us really begin with an old favorite (of mine at least) – What Did You See and Hear?

Let’s explain for the newbies:

“What Did You See and Hear” is your basic Monday-morning quarterbacking post. Except it’s Mass we’re talking about, not a football game.

Well, and not only Mass. Divine Liturgy, church service…what have you.

I started this feature ages ago simply because I was curious. You will find that is a huge element of my blogging. I’m nosy and curious. ‘Satiable curiosity. I just want to know what’s going on.

Specifically, I was curious about how Catholics were experiencing Mass around the country and around the world. Same Scripture readings, same prayers…so how’s it all shaking out?

Sometimes the reports are fascinating in the differences. Other times depressing in their sameness – as with those Sundays in which the whole of Catholic Nation, it seems, is having to endure Ashes.

So let’s do it. Tell me what you saw and heard..and let’s reach back in our memories to include Ash Wednesday, as well as this past Sunday. Whoever you are and where ever you attended religious services of any kind this past week…what happened?

What I like, if you can, is for you to at least tell us what part of the country you’re in and denomination. If you want to get more specific, that’s great. I’m most interested in preaching, music and anything unique that you experienced. It’s not designed as a discussion thread, although I usually end up pulling a comment or two and making another post out of that.

So…anyone? Anyone?

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