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After running a few errands this morning, I made my way home. As I approached my doorstep, I noticed an unusual array of belongings: a sleeping bag, a suitcase, a paper bag filled with newspapers and a pouch. Clearly someone homeless had left them by my doorstep. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I went outside to inspect whether there were any other unusual circumstances. Shortly, I made my way back to my porch, to be greeted by a man in his late 50’s. Surprised to see him, I said:

-“Oh, Hello! Are you okay?”
-“I think so.” he said “I should go.”
-“Where are you going?”
-“I ‘m not sure. Probably a park.”
-“How did you get here?”
-“I don’t remember.”
-“What happened?”
-“I can’t remember anything. I don’t know.”
-“Can I get you anything? Water, food?
-“Can I call someone for you?”
-“I’m not sure how I can help you then.”
-“Just let me go my way.”

The man then picked up all of his belongings. As we spoke for that short time, he was coherent but very, very lost and confused. I watched him leave down the sidewalk. He paused halfway down the aisle and then continued walking. Long after that experience, I sat home worried and wondering why I had experienced that. I see the world as in constant communication with me. I believe that everything I experience has a purpose. Life is full of depth for me and I experience everything very deeply. I was very confused that I could not help this man. I wanted to call someone for him and help him, but he wanted nothing.

Later today I had realized the great message I was given, and I have chosen to share it with my readers today. The homeless man on my porch, represented many people-not just the homeless. He was a symbol for all those who are lost. He did not want any food, he was not hungry. He did not remember where he came from. He did not know where he was going. He did not know where he belonged. He wanted to go his own way. He wanted to come home.

I call forth all of those who consider themselves leaders, teachers, those that are of service to mankind. May you know that you carry a great light and that you are a beacon of hope for many. May you know that you are here for a reason and that indeed you have a great duty to humanity and a place in life. Know that your place in the world matters. Know that you are here to help those that are lost to remember who they are. Know that you are here to lead those in confusion, to light. Know that there are many who need you. They have forgotten the sacred ways of life. They have forgotten to love themselves, to help others, to forgive, to let go. As a leader, be strengthened by your wisdom and live an honorable life through your actions. Live in harmony with all of life and all living things. Remember that when we have forgotten to live for each other, we do not live at all. Let us lead those who are lost, let us help them find their way home.

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