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Once we have learned to transition from resistance to openness, we cultivate a much greater capacity for awareness. Awareness is not a mental “thing”, it isn’t really a thinking process or a rational or logical process in its totality. Reason cannot really exist in awareness, because awareness is absolute. In order for one to arrive at this great Truth, he must first come to know his “feeling” space more than any other perception.

The feeling space is the aspect of consciousness that is related to emotion. In a space of non resistance and non judgment to positive, negative or neutral emotion the human develops the capacity to expand their awareness to universal perspective. Universal perspective cannot really be written about, but rather must be experienced. This is why so many scientists and rational thinkers have hit blockages in their theories and formulas to explaining universal power and existence in general. My view here is one of experience; it is not right or wrong nor is it fixed.

From the feeling space comes the ability to develop beyond the five senses. We may feel and see light, hear bird songs, taste water and smell roses if we are present with our individual and even separate experience of this is “me” feeling “light” which is outside of me. But in an extra sensory space, we actually develop the ability to hear, see, taste, smell and feel beyond what is in our immediate space. Extra sensory abilities are deepened and opened as a result of an extremely sensitive feeling space, which is cultivated through awareness and presence. Within the extra sensory space we have the ability to perceive much more than what is limited to our time/space reality. The time and space reality is the obvious. It is you sitting at your computer, reading this material. Through the development of the extra sensory, you are still reading this post at your computer, but your awareness is much greater than the post and the computer. You might, for example, “feel” that your neighbor might be stopping by in just a moment and you will have to step away from the computer. Again, this is an EXPERIENCE and cannot be understood through reasoning other than the reasoning of universal perspective or oneness.

I decided to address this topic, because with this sudden onset of the yoga and meditation culture, many beings are coming into greater levels of awareness. Those of us that are still stuck in a mind set of separateness, but going through rapid changes in the evolution of consciousness might be experiencing conflicting emotions like anger, loneliness, fear, frustration, anxiety, insomnia and so forth. When our sensitive space begins to open through yoga and meditation, we become so sensitive that we can either process the energy like an earthquake or more subtly like a river. Everyone is different. Most people develop an extreme sensitivity to sounds, light, people, behaviors, diet and other physical elements.

The bottom line is that many of us reject fully exploring the different levels of consciousness in extra sensory abilities, because we are subconsciously afraid to let go of existing structures that awareness reveals to us. The key is to continue developing the “feeling” space through non resistance and merging deeper and deeper with universal law or love. When this process elevates to self mastery, you are no longer questioning your purpose or your identity. You have completely mastered your senses to serve you for the benefit of mankind.

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