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Sometimes, in order for us to be reborn, we need to enter into difficult times; suffering, confusion, loss, fear. During this period, we feel forsaken by the ONE, we forget everything we knew: our tools, our faith, our drive. We make decisions that don’t support our healing, because we do not know any better. These difficult periods serve a very specific purpose, that is integral to the renewal that we are praying for. It is virtually impossible to become wiser, stronger and more whole within our I AM, until we explore these often times unbearable depths of our soul.

In a recent Easter service I attended, the minister described this part of ourselves that experiences lack, fear and powerlessness as the “false self”. He encouraged us to use our awareness and recognize when we begin to think thoughts of insufficiency, scarcity, loneliness. From my experience, I also find it most useful to endure. Enduring means allowing these feelings of the false self and trusting that they deserve their own life, as they too are part of all that is, as all that is, is the I AM. The I AM, the great presence of the ONE true reality, is all there is. To negate our false self, is to negate the divinity in us as well. Experiencing the false self is a period of alienation, disconnectedness and paralysis. When we allow the false self to live, it is not so much that we feed it and give it life as with awareness, this war zone, the resistance and the suffering dissipates. Our awareness is enough to continue to survive and flourish while experiencing the false self.

The Truth that the false self carries, is that it is a small child, our inner warrior, that needs love. It is our child self, tugging at our heart strings asking for us to see it, to allow it to grieve, to get angry and feel lost. It is enough for us to aknowledge this inner child. It is enough for us to say, “Hi. Here you are!” The twists and turns that are part of the deep labyrinth of the inner reality take us into these difficult places. We are tried, tested and spit out into all kinds of experiences when we begin to move forward in this journey of life, inside this intricate labyrinth. When we become aware of the journey and stop engaging with the confusing plot, we allow space. Space allows healing. Through time, we will recognize we have become richer, more filled with love and stronger.

My message today goes out to anyone currently in the midst of this journey. This message is one that quietly calls you to keep going, to keep enduring, to keep experiencing. You will make it. Your dreams are coming true, even though you cannot see them now. Everything is just as it must be, in order for you to come into greater oneness, wholeness and love. Keep going. Trust your journey. Trust your transformation.

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