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I decided to end the week with a question:

Are Your Thoughts Thinking You or Are You Thinking Your Thoughts?

This question is full of power and autonomy because our thoughts have the capacity to create or to destroy matter. In their simplest form, thoughts dictate our feelings, moods and behaviors. They have a tremendous impact on our well-being, stress levels, health, relationships and immediate reality. While I could easily get into the whole discussion of destructive subconscious thought patterns we’ve picked up from parents, society, media and so forth, my intention with this post is to help you realize your free will.

In being able to selectively shift your focus as soon as you become aware of a low vibrational thought, or rather a thought that does not make you feel good, you lessen the power that unhealthy, toxic, remnant and useless thinking has over you. From fear based thoughts to “zoning out” to using our mental space destructively like engaging in frivolous discussion, judgment and discontent we continually create unpleasant experiences for ourselves. In spite of the clutter filling the mental atmosphere, a continual process with checking in to see if you feel happy, excited, peaceful, loved etc. allows you to immediately bring yourself back to a place that is happy, loving, exciting, and peaceful through the selective focus on thoughts that feel good.

Most of us tend to just go through our lives experiencing and drowning in the total wild animal that is our mind. We never learn to tame this beast and most importantly, we never learn how to maximize the potential of the most incredible facet of the human race: consciousness. Our thoughts are the product of consciousness. Our consciousness is the “I Am”. Awareness on the other hand, is that by which one knows the “I Am”. To cultivate awareness, one has to practice non attachment. In meditation, for example, we are able to “extract” ourselves from consciousness into “Super Consciousness”, which is the presence of a heightened awareness. This is a state cultivated through practice, dedication and technique in which we become silent observers of our thoughts versus prisoners.

While using our thoughts for manifesting desires is an inherent part of this discussion, I should hope that my perspective is a useful and practical one that solely conveys that we have ownership and autonomy over our experiences. This power begins in the moment that we make a decision to change our thinking from a low vibrational thought pattern to a higher one. This decision is made within the realization that your thoughts are creating a foundation and thus a structure for a real life experience on some level and in some form.

The ideas which we conceive in our thinking have the potential to manifest into our desired reality only based upon the structure in which those ideas are held in our consciousness. This literally means that you can “think” your way into a million dollars, a new relationship, a better job, more friends etc. However, we cannot conceive a desired reality through simple, transitory thinking. Our thoughts must be much more powerful than that. In fact, our desire in and of itself is an idea within a structure. For the desire to fulfill itself, one would need to take up this one idea in a manner in which the idea becomes one’s life. One must think of it, dream it, and live it. The idea must be in the mind, but also in the body, the muscles, and nerves. One would need to be full of the idea. In sum, thinking is the first step to increasing the quality of your life and cultivating lasting happiness. We must put practices in place for ourselves that help bring us back into the beautiful, happy, loving and incredible people that we are!

Here are some easy and practical ways to help you decrease low vibrational thinking:

1. Practice Meditation or Yoga
2. Eat Whole Foods
3. Eliminate Alcohol & Caffeine
4. Limit Your Time with Negative People
5. Get Regular Exercise
6. Listen to Calming Music
7. Walk or Bike and Don’t Drive
8. Go Into Nature
9. Live With Intention
10. Write, Play Music, Make Art, Dance

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