Safe Place with Ruth Graham

I cut out an ad a couple of weeks ago that I really liked.  I think it was for some sort of conference – my apologies to the conference leaders for not remembering. The ad said, “Learn how brokenness is the away to wholeness, mourning is the path to blessing, and emptiness is required to know true fullness.”

That is right up my alley and could describe my ministry easily, certainly my heart.

This week a dear friend loaned me her copy of Jan Karon’s latest book, Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good. I like that thought! Don’t we all want to be somewhere safe with somebody good?

I have experienced a lot of wonderful places, safe places and I am blessed with many friends who are safe places for me. I love them and depend on them.

The safest place to be – ever – is in the center of God’s will. Sometimes it is hard to discern where exactly that is. God doesn’t usually send us a bulletin or big sign pointing to it. Often we only know it is God’s will in hindsight.

But there are some signposts. Does it line up with God’s Word? Are circumstances conducive and right? Do your counsellors (friends) agree? Have you been honest with them? If all three line up, it’s a good indication that that is where God is pointing. If even one is not aligned then you might want to back off and continue to pray. (And I know what I am talking about. I’ve made too many wrong choices and suffered the consequences.)

Now when we make wrong, sinful, bad choices God doesn’t leave us there. He always gives us a second, third, forth…chance once we have repented. His specialty is restoration. I experienced that many times.

Yes, there were consequences, but that does not mean God is mad at us. He’s not getting back at us. We set the consequence in motion as soon as we made the choice.

God is full of grace and wants to help us make good choices! He wants us to be in a safe place!.



I went to the beach last week with my two daughters and 6 grandchildren. (The two oldest grandsons couldn’t come because of jobs and college.) Windsor’s husband came down just for an overnight to surprise their son for his 7th birthday! There was great excitement. But when Windsor and Todd told him he was getting a puppy for his birthday, you would have thought he won the Lottery!

Now…will he feed and walk the puppy? It remains to be seen!

The kids are at a great age where they don’t have to be watched every minute and they didn’t have one cross word between them.

I’d like to share some of my photos! I have more but thought this would be enough – don’t want to bore you! And I still can’t figure out this technology!

I’ve told you many times how much I love the beach and ask God for something special each year. With all the kids, it was a bit chaotic…happy chaos…but God in His goodness gave me clear direction. I am excited about it. It will develop over time.

I visited with some very dear friends. It was good to catch up and learn what they are doing. One is a divorcee who has landed on her feet – I’m proud of her. Tex and Sandy Reardon came down for lunch one day – what  joy to see them! It had been far too long. Years ago we traveled to Australia together – twice!

We’ve been going to this beach for 20 years now so it is familiar and comfortable. But the area is growing so fast it will soon lose its small beach town atmosphere.

God is gracious to allow us this special time together and hopefully we can do it again next year! We’ve made our reservations in anticipation!







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As Americans, we value, celebrate our independence. I know I certainly do. I am proud to be an American. We are an exceptional country – in all of history. I know it’s not very PC to say these days…

I’m not using the term “exceptional” because of our accomplishments -that would be pride and arrogance. No. We have been blessed by God in remarkable ways. I know there has been the political debate of, “You didn’t get there by yourself.” – people have jumped on that and ridden it in every direction. But the truth is we didn’t get here by ourselves.

Although it isn’t popular to say, America is dependent on God. I think, in the spirit of independence,  we have forgotten that. Our national motto is: “In God We Trust”. We didn’t get to be an independent, free, wealthy, fruitful country by ourselves – God has poured His blessing on this country. Even our independence is given to us by God.

But are we grateful? Are we thankful for His many blessings? Do we praise Him for His goodness to us? Praise and gratitude foster a sense of dependence. We acknowledge that all we are and have has its source in God. We are not our own. We didn’t get here by ourselves.



This past weekend I attended my great-nephew’s wedding in North Carolina. He is the grandson of my oldest sister, Gigi.

I also had the opportunity to see my father and spend time with my son. A good weekend all around.

But the wedding was so very special. The forecast was for storms and heavy rain – it was to be an outside wedding. On the way we were moaning about the weather and wondered why anyone would want a late afternoon outdoor wedding in August in the mountains of North Carolina. It always rains in the late afternoon in summer months. Well, not “always” but close!

We drove through heavy a downpour with thunder and lightning and knew we all were going to get soaked. When we arrived at the farm where the ceremony was to take place, all was dry! But black clouds loomed. When the ceremony began there were black clouds in a circular bank around a blue sky right overhead. We could hear thunder in the distance.

The ceremony was a little over an hour. Anglican. But no one minded because it was so honoring to God and the sacrament of marriage. In today’s culture neither are done very often or well. There were beautiful hymns and scripture readings and homily. There were flowers the bride had arranged herself. There were children crying, cows mooing and much laughter.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more joyful bride. She giggled through the whole service – not a silly giggle but pure joy bubbling up from her soul. Once they were declared man and wife the priest said, “And their first act as man and wife is to take communion together.” They did. Then they turned to serve the rest of us communion. To see the groom  serve his parents communion and the bride serve her parents brought tears to all eyes.

The ceremony elevated the marriage ceremony from the quick, sentimental  ceremonies we often see, to the sacred and holy. This young couple entered marriage in all seriousness and delight. I truly could imagine Jesus’ presence and His pleasure in what took place. It was a worship service.

The reception was inside the barn – round tables set around – and pot luck. We wondered how that would work! Beautifully. They had more than enough food and more than enough drink. And wonderful variety. What a great idea! I think it’s an idea whose time has come.

We enjoyed the celebration. I saw and visited  with family and friends I rarely see these days. It’s sad that it comes down to weddings and funerals. Wish there were a better way to stay connected – other than Facebook.

It never rained a drop! As we left the venue we noticed the streets were wet – it rained everywhere but at that farm! Surely a blessing from God.

The young couple will live in Switzerland after their honeymoon. The groom has a job there and the bride hopes to teach. They met and graduated from UNC – Chapel Hill.

I know God is going to bless in a marvelous way.