A friend gave this to me for this election season. It is a prayer written by Lloyd John Olgivy who was chaplain of the U.S. Senate. It seems appropriate on many levels.

Almighty God, Sovereign of our nation, thank You for the privilege of living in a free land where I have the opportunity to vote. Work through the election process so that people will be elected who will glorify You. Strengthen their commitment to trust You to guide them as they confront the problems and claim Your best for their realm of leadership. May they never forget that they are in office by Your choice and are accountable to You for how they lead. May the immense responsibilities they assume, and the vows they make when sworn into office, ring them to their knees with profound humility and unprecedented openness to You.

Save them from the seduction of power, the addiction of popularity, and the aggrandizement of pride. Lord, keep their priorities straight: You and their families first; the good of the nation second; the consensus around truth third; party loyalties fourth; and personal success last of all. May they never forget that they have been elected to serve and not be served. Consistently replenish the reserves of strength and courage so often drained by pressure and stress. Anoint their minds with our Spirit and guide them as they seek to know and do Your will in the crucial issues before my city, region, and nation. I firmly believe that this can be our country’s finest hour awaiting leaders imbued with Your power.”

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