Yesterday morning, Christmas, I got up early to drive over to my oldest daughter’s home to watch the kids open their stockings. Since it was early I decided to stop by Starbucks and treat myself to a decaf latte. (I don’t drink caffeine and I am very self-righteous about it! I don’t drink it because it causes terrible tremors.)

Anyway, on my way to Starbucks I passed a man standing beside the road holding a sign asking for help. I think we call that “panhandling”. It was cold out and he was bundled up as best as he could. As I drove on to Starbucks I decided I’d get him a cup off hot coffee and breakfast sandwich.

I gave my order and when it came time for me to pay I was informed that the preceding car had paid for my order! There was no opportunity to thank the person – all I knew was it was a white car.

I backtracked to give the coffee and sandwich to the man but saw he was walking away. Fortunately, there was no traffic ’cause I went across several lanes the wrong way to try to catch up with him. I got his attention and gave him the coffee and sandwich. He was more than grateful and said, “God bless you, ma’am”.

Oh, I was blessed. Indeed! It made my Christmas.

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