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Thank you for stopping by. Today I’ll share the overall strategy for “The Disciple: A Year Living as a Follower of Jesus.” First off, let’s go ahead and review what this new immersion project is not. “The Disciple” is not: […]

Oh no, not another immersion project! That’s what she said. No really, that’s what Heather said when the idea hit me like a punch in the gut on the way home from our family vacation earlier this month. Backstory… It’s […]

Who am I? I suppose an alternative name for June is “Identity.” All of us ask this question, to ourselves and others, at least once in our lives. This seemingly innocuous, simplistic question is fundamental, and yet produces some of […]

It’s tradition around here to leave a video of what I’ve been up to all month. Typically I post this vid on the last day of the month, however due to the fact that the last day of April falls […]

Few people enjoy tests. In fact, many of us are in the middle of final exams right now and those are never fun. The fact remains however, that much of life seems to be a test. If you prescribe to one of […]

Is it just me or did April just fly by? I can’t believe we’re already in the last week of Judaism, but here we are. Tradition holds that I take this week to reflect on what I’ve learned, what I’d […]

Shalom folks! Today I thought I’d share a few photos and experiences of Pesach here in the Bowen home. I was invited to attend two different Pesach seders, however my wife’s work schedule made it impossible for me to attend. That’s […]

Michael J. Solender, my Jewish Mentor, could see the confusion on my face as I tried to follow four simultaneous conversations going on…in the library, and not quietly. This exchange included an older gentleman from South Africa, a young lady (probably late […]

Reality check, 1…2…3. I wasn’t sure what to write about for today’s post until I showed up for my math class last night. In case you’re new around here, I’m also a “non-traditional” college student. As soon as I walked […]

No journey is complete without a map, and that is exactly what Michael Solender is for my month with Judaism. From the moment I stepped out of my car after a 2 1/2 hour trek to meet him, Michael had […]