It’s tradition around here to leave a video of what I’ve been up to all month. Typically I post this vid on the last day of the month, however due to the fact that the last day of April falls on a Saturday (and thus Shabbat), I’m restricted from using the computer.

Mandatory rest is awesome.

So here it is, the Project Conversion, End-of-Month Video for Judaism, best enjoyed with a “L’Chayim” (“cheers” “to life!) and a glass of wine.



Big thanks to my Mentor, Michael J. Solender and his wife Harriet, who taught me such much about the faith and opened up incredible doors into this culture and religion. I am in your debt. Also a shout-out to rabbi Groner of Congregation Ohr HaTorah of Charlotte. Your wisdom and patience with my innumerable questions is greatly appreciated. Thanks to Mr. Johnny White who educated me on the Messianic Jews. Big thanks to the Beth Israel congregation of Fayetteville, N.C. for speaking with me one-on-one about what Judaism meant in your lives. Of course I always appreciate everyone who strikes up a conversation on chat and the Facebook page. And hey James, good luck with your own conversion!

This month went by way too fast folks, but I’ve come away with spectacular friends and wonderful lessons. Tonight is my last Shabbot and it begins at 7:41 pm Eastern Standard Time. I’d be honored if you would all join me in lighting a candle to properly say goodbye to my month with the faith.

Shalom, and thanks for following along.

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