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Daily Prayer Where has the week gone? I see suddenly the approach of the finish line, and yet my to-do list still looms large. Please still my need to rush. Help me take it one job at a time, a […]

Daily Prayer I want my life to ring, to surge like a cello, deep and moving graceful and resonant— the sound of Your voice when you speak to me. I hear little songs in my mind of Your promises. They […]

Daily Prayer This is my day of unlimited chances. A day of uncommon favor and unending blessings. When Your favor and blessings overtake me, my change will come. I am ready and prepared to receive my portion. It ís my […]

Daily Prayer Whether we are reaching for the last sale item or helping someone in need, it is far too easy to get wrapped up in ourselves. We fail to see the other person, complete with their own needs, their […]

Daily Prayer I feel the nudge from You on high, a faintest tickle reminding me of what is the right thing to do. I hear Your voice, whispering kind words for me to say to those who need to hear. […]

Daily Prayer At the end of the day my eyes are tired. My sadness is heavy. The nights tightening quiet gives me much time to worry. But following that silence You bring gifts of noise: morning rain, coffee percolators, school […]

Daily Prayer Send peace, like a jolt of electric current; numbing the brain, of every evil tyrant, ruthless dictator, and dangerous fanatic. Send peace, as potent as a lightening rod; striking the heart and transforming the soul of aggressors and […]

The needle sticks at a number too high for my liking. I just can’t do this without You. Please, help me today to avoid temptation. Help me to eat mindfully, to approach activity with enthusiasm, to remember what I’m doing […]

Daily Prayer Everybody who works here tells a story with their clothes. Some have on suits; I’m wearing a uniform. Make me proud of myself and what I do as I go to work each day. Let the people I […]

Daily Prayer Just as a hummingbird can balance between the dying breeze and the uplifting beats of its wings, so too can You steady me amongst the bleak feelings rising like dark bread inside me, and the bright thoughts of […]