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8 0f 8 ←BACK TO START Daily Prayer I clear the space that surrounds us. I set aside the clutter of my day so the chaos does not obstruct my view of You. I clear myself. I breathe out the […]

Daily Prayer Unbelievable. Unattainable. My quick, loud words and selfish fear make perfection seem as possible as pigs in flight. Yet You are perfect, and in You, I feel what might be if only I could get closer. I will […]

Daily Prayer As we get ready for our trip, there’s so much to prepare, suitcase, passports, tickets, ID. Some consider You their co-pilot, but I know better. I know You’re holding up the plane, smoothing out the turbulence, making all […]

Others praise You with voices raised in song. Still others paint awe-inspiring canvases or raise buildings into the sky. Let me praise You with the talents You have given me. I can reach out a hand to steady my elderly […]

There is no part of me You cannot see. You know my guilt, joy, my fear and my hope. Your knowledge of my secrets frees me from the weight of them. Your knowledge of my soul brings me closer to […]

Daily Prayer Please help me to step back from the rush and clamor of day to day life. Help me to disconnect if only for a few moments so that I may sit quietly and do nothing but breathe. In […]