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Spiritual Vulnerability exposes us to our nakedness allowing us to learn new ways of living a Love Aligned Life. As guided through my morning meditation recently Spirit directed me talk about spiritual vulnerability… that space where we feel naked, raw, […]

Whether you call it growth or a spiritual awakening, trauma is good for your soul. Through trauma spirituality deepens, this is Post Traumatic Growth. My relationships and friendships are more dear to me than ever before.  I work to make […]

“Mercedes, You are a beautiful and loving woman. I wish I could know you.” I really did not think much of this at first.  While it was not the typical connection invitation it was quite lovely and respectful so I […]

The Divine Ecosystem moves with the utmost assurance that everything that is needed is provided for.  There is a natural flow.  Our part is to know with certainty that all is well. Where ever we go, whatever we do, all […]

I stood in the middle of my kitchen with tears streaming down my face.  In my hands is a Federal Express envelope from Bank of America. Dear Ms. Warrick, We have a new program based on a settlement that was […]

Your mountain is part of the natural nature.  It ascends you to greater heights.  It shows you new direction.  It keeps you still.  What is your mountain showing you?  Is it time to climb upward and see horizons of beauty […]

My mother talks in a string of wisdoms…..  Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill is a favorite.  So the second part of Loving Your Mountain is to weigh the true importance of what it is you are […]

This morning I woke up early. I have been on the phone ever since. Many, many mountains are showing their beauty this morning. So… are you loving your mountains? Awhile ago Spirit guided me on how to become one in […]

I just completed my second garage sale as I prepare to move into the unknown. I live in Las Vegas, at least for now. I am short selling my home with no idea of where I am going, how I […]