Spiritual Vulnerability exposes us to our nakedness allowing us to learn new ways of living a Love Aligned Life.

As guided through my morning meditation recently Spirit directed me talk about spiritual vulnerability… that space where we feel naked, raw, exposed and stripped bare of everything. An unavoidable place on the pathways of spiritual living, vulnerability shows us the purity of our Soul, introduces us to new thought and convenes us with our High Source.

This month, as is always the case when the wisdom comes through, different stages or types of spiritual vulnerability have come into my awareness. Here are some of the thoughts and spirit teaching I have gleaned through my work and my work with clients.


When you are thrown into something new or unexpected.

All of a sudden you look up and you don’t know how you have gotten, “Here!” I have done everything “right.” I have treated people “right.” Yet, here I am. Why? How? In this type of vulnerability you may feel victimized. There may be a set of unintended consequences that you just did not foresee. While I am still uncertain whether these vulnerabilities are linear – you must experience one before your journey continues and in time another vulnerability surfaces. The New Path Vulnerability often seems to be the first. On our path to Love Aligned Living, the teaching seems to be to learn how to stay on the path, be within your Self and your belief system. It is a new way of experiencing Spirit. Opening an awareness that God is always present and that there is purpose in all things.


Events that are out-of-your control are happening and it seems that time is now happening at warped speed.

There is nothing to stand on and there is nothing to hold onto. It feels like you are in a free fall, spinning and tumbling and the ground is imminently and dangerously close. You never hit the ground. As you are grasping you are pulling in knowledge and INsight. This is definitely a time where you learn to become more compassionate with your Self. You begin to go inwardly to seek the reasons why? You may come into new learning environments, books will literally fly off of the shelf to get your attention. Welcome to what I call Spiritual University. You are on your way to learning and living by your inner guidance system at a whole new level and in a whole new way. It’s time to clear the clutter and take a journey into You!

Mercedes Warrick


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Mercedes Warrick says, “She is just God’s Ink Pen.” As a spiritual intuitive and author of The Soul Inspired Tune Up. The Visionscapes Edition Mercedes is guiding people into bringing their dreams into reality through Love Aligned Living and God.


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