“Mercedes, You are a beautiful and loving woman. I wish I could know you.”

I really did not think much of this at first.  While it was not the typical connection invitation it was quite lovely and respectful so I connected with this delicious gentleman.  After  few days I reached out and we had a wonderful, intellectual exchange.  It was stimulating.  He just wanted to be my friend.  I could feel my Self glowing from the inside-out.  I could almost physically feel the energetic pathways singing with glee.  I AM Beautiful.  I AM Lovely.

Now I know that I should just KNOW this.  Somehow it was different coming from a total stranger that I will probably never meet.  So the question as it always is…. How does this expand me? Grow me?  I am wondering what if we as a collective group began to give ourselves the mutterings of love that we usually reserve for the most intimate of relationships.  What if we could respectfully say… You are delicious!  I love your sense of humor!  My heart was singing!

There is a point when we don’t trust words of beauty coming from strangers.  We may feel that they are creepy or smutty.  Better safe than sorry!  I have had some seemingly innocent introductions go very bad, very quickly.  So maybe this exercise is not advised for your next social media connection.  Take a friend who you adore. Someone that is in your safe zone and exchange smatterings of intimate love, lavish each upon him or her like you would spread grape jelly across your P&J sandwich. Light up your eyes and smile into her eyes, his eyes.  Do this with a girlfriend, a favorite friend, your child.

Let’s have a LOVE festival, flirt with the most important people in your life. Love each joyfully with unabashed pleasure.

Energizing Love 365 Everyday in Every way!

Be in Love Today!

Mercedes Warrick


copyright 2012. Printed with permission.

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