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“Ahem” (sound of throat clearing) “’Amen’ does not mean ‘truth’ it means ‘trust.’” Oopsie. After all, Nellie is a volunteer Sunday school teacher. She’s not expected know everything! The Pastor overheard her answering the question of a young girl who […]

“I wanted to do something adventurous, so I went to a shopping mall in a different neighborhood.” Woo-hoo, talk about thrills! She ignored the sarcasm and went on with her story. “In the north court by J.C. Penny I look […]

Creeping quietly into her thoughts was a shameful little idea. Maybe it started at 5:30 a.m. on the Wednesday, when the wind chill index registered 27 below. It was her first trip that morning to start the car and let […]

Daily Quote “Faith is another word for positive thinking.” -Norman Vincent Peale READ MORE and enjoy these features from the Daily Prayable! → Daily Story → Daily Scripture → Daily Prayer → Daily Video → Daily Joke → Daily Quote

To start this day with joy. To end this day with peace. To start this day with longing. To end this day released. Live each day with wonder, With kindness, awe and grace. Live each day with courage, With trust, […]

Do you ever have a day when you’re just not that into God? In the harsh glare of reality, the One who looked so hot when you were all happy and having fun, looks like yesterday’s leftovers now that you’re […]

I don’t know why it’s so easy to assume God is a sloppy manager, standing silently with His arms crossed and waiting for confused workers to guess His priorities.  What seems more likely—especially when I think about it—is the idea […]

I am starting a Procrastination Rally. “The roof, the roof is on fire, and we don’t need no water. Let the procrastinator’s excuses burn. Burn down long to-do lists. Burn information hoarders. Burn time wasters. Burn baby burn!” We miss […]

I have been afraid of money . . . afraid that understanding finances would make me cold, that preferring security makes me faithless, that wishing for prosperity makes me greedy. Please clear my heart of fear, so that You can […]