Ahem” (sound of throat clearing) “’Amen’ does not mean ‘truth’ it means ‘trust.’” Oopsie. After all, Nellie is a volunteer Sunday school teacher. She’s not expected know everything!

The Pastor overheard her answering the question of a young girl who asked, “What does ‘amen’ mean?” Nellie always thought of it as a “true dat” kind of expression, halfway between “ain’t that the truth” and “right on!” So imagine her surprise (and embarrassment) to be gently corrected by clergy on the meaning of the one word that’s part of her everyday, all day conversations with God.

A little more research showed her that “amen” comes from the Hebrew word “aman.” Not only does it have roots in the word for “trust,” but it also means; to believe, and have faith. Nellie prays a lot. She’s a believer of such gigantic proportions, that to secure a prayer with “amen” is as natural as breathing. How perfect that she reaffirms her faith out loud with every prayer she offers!

Sunday school kids will always ask questions, easy and hard, about God, prayer, and the bible. In teaching the next generation, Nellie hopes to share her sense of wonder at all there is to learn, even when you think you have all the answers.

– Prayables

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