I wanted to do something adventurous, so I went to a shopping mall in a different neighborhood.” Woo-hoo, talk about thrills! She ignored the sarcasm and went on with her story. “In the north court by J.C. Penny I look up and see a toddler dangling overhead, barely clearing the third tier of stores. That’s three stories above the ground.” O.K., tell me more. “It takes a few minutes until I realize that this baby is bungee-jumping and she’s enjoying every minute of it.”

The mom of the bungee baby is explaining to the large group who gathered to watch, that she brings her 3-year old daughter to the mall for fun, because Daddy is a paratrooper and well… jumping from ridiculous heights is hereditary.

Talk about trust. Can you imagine having complete confidence in elastic straps and a twenty-something stunt operator to propel your child 50 feet in the air?  What must Mom’s faith life look like?

We’re told all the time to trust in the Lord. But how many of us actually do? Doubt and fear are very persuasive. Too often it wins the argument. Maybe you’re questioning God because your finances are a mess, your kids aren’t living up to their potential or because at this moment in time…life sucks.

Is there a lesson to be learned from a bungee jumping baby? If the “excitement genes” in the little girl is strong enough to overcome her “danger genes,” it must be possible that our “faith genes” can overcome our “doubt genes. ”

After all, if Mom didn’t strap her kid into the harness in the first place, the baby would never have known the joy. See the connection? It’s inside every one of us to trust. There’s joy in the outcome and we can do it without dangling helplessly in the middle of a shopping mall.


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