On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It

It’s crazy. Our true personhood and calling flow from desiring to give something of ourselves to help others. However, others are also the #1 squelcher of our personhood and calling.

How so?

Abusive authority figures teach us to watch our backsides in order to survive. We learn to continually scan faces and body language for disapproval and danger.

Teachers grade us. By the middle of first grade we realize there is a huge arbitrary component to grading. Does the teacher like us?

It’s awful to be left out of the game on the playground. What can we do to make them include us?

Professionals hold career doors open or closed. We send resumes and make follow-up calls. Did we do it right? Will the person on the receiving end approve?

Television, movies, the internet, radio—thousands of media messages every day preach: To be noticed or get ahead you must look like Heidi Klum, carve out your niche like Seth Godin and have the personality of Anthony Robbins. The bar is high and well-publicized. The package that is us—you and me—doesn’t fit. We struggle to change ourselves.

 What’s lost in the process?

We are. Our unique gifts and calling–trashed.

The planet also loses. An inclusive culture, economic evolvement and spiritual growth stall.

 What can we do?

1. Believe that you are a God-created being and are here to be who He created you to be.

2. Believe that God’s love holds you completely safe.

3. Cultivate this love in your soul: notice and record the movement of God in your heart and circumstances. Grow. Trust. Love.

4. Stop seeking the approval of others.

 Then turn around and pull them up with you.

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photo credit: theirhistory (creative commons)

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