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From Simran, who spoke as part of our “Sit Down, Rise Up” Lecture Series last week (podcast coming in a few weeks time): Dear IDP Sangha,

Hey everyone, Some news to report… Last year, I had the fortunate opportunity to do a 4 month internship at my favorite organization, Democracy Now! DN! is an extraordinary example of independent media — it is a daily radio and […]

Quick reminder: There is still time to contact NY government officials to urge them to keep NYC plastic bag recycling law in effect – see here for more details. Now to our regular scheduled post: Sen. Eric Schneiderman has been […]

My friend Lisa threw herself down in her desk chair and ran her hands through her curly hair in despair. “I just don’t know what to do, you guys! Ugh! HELP ME!” She bemoaned, “He’s a really great kisser and […]

This question has increasingly been explored in the fields of economics and psychology over the last few years. I certainly think of it often, particularly if I’m meditating on the first of the four Brahmavih?ras—the wish that all sentient beings […]

Our calendar is obsolete and archaic. Everyone knows everything starts anew in the Fall. Today, Labor Day, is the real New Year’s day. At least that’s how it always feels to me.