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Allow me to indulge in some pride – pride I have in my 16-year-old sister, Kate. Last week, while other teenagers pined over the Jonas Brothers or lamented over Clay Aiken, my sister did this. She rounded up a group […]

It can sometimes be hard to discern changes in one’s habits and motivations as a result of dharma practice. One area, however, in which I feel like I’ve observed a clear shift in myself is with regard to schadenfreude, enjoyment […]

All, Sorry I don’t have a ton of time to write a major post this week. I thought instead I’d post this video of myself speaking at the author’s series at the very cool Google headquarters in NYC earlier this […]

Yesterday, after attending Hardcore Dharma class with Ethan where we talked about right speech, I stumbled across an article on entitled Anonymity Can Turn Nice People Nasty. Whether it’s yelling at a customer service representative over the phone or posting nasty comments […]

I am suddenly compelled to tell people the truth. Last night into this morning I’ve been blurting out honest things about myself and the world, sometimes related to the conversation, sometimes not. I think it’s because there’s so much lying […]

Three things that made me happy this week: 1. Black Mountain at the Williamsburg Music Hall ($16) 2. Ninjasonik at Lit ($6) 3. Thanks to the Brooklyn Bike Slug, this sweet new ride:

  Saturday September 20: Subject: Eightfold path part 1: Right View, Right Intention   This Saturday in Hardcore Dharma we discussed the “wisdom trainings” of the Noble Eightfold Path, the aforementioned Right View and Right Path.   As mother might […]

Spies hold a privileged space in the popular imagination – they are keepers of the kind of terrible secrets that are necessary to sheild our peace of mind (or so we assume), and they take on the characteristics of the […]

On Monday night Steven, Kevin and I attended the forum, “Solving the Plastic Bag Dilemma: Is Portland Behind?” held at City Hall and hosted by the Recycling Advocates. I was surprised by the number and variety of people in the […]

Hey Everyone! Please come to our Integral Activism meeting this Sunday September 28th, 2008 from 12 to 2pm. We have an exciting agenda planned including walking meditation around the neighborhood to pick up plastic bag trash and a tutorial on […]